Sunderban National Park – The Magnetism of the Natural Habitat

Sunderban National Park is situated in the extremes of West Bengal. The Sunderbans are also known for its freshwater humid forests, which provide the best climatic conditions for the growth of mangroves, thus it is known as one of the biggest mangrove forests as well.Apart from the magnificent variety of flora, the park offers world’s best window to sneak peak the Royal Bengal Tigers. According to the officials, the park consists of largest endangered species of tigers, dears and many other plenty of animals which makes it the most attractive and alluring place on the earth.There are various magnificent tourist attractions in Sunderban National Park that include the most pivotal Indian wildlife variety that gives a scintillating and adventurous experience to its tourists.

The main attractions of Sunderban National Park are as follows:Flora: The fascinating variety of floral group and natural green vegetation in Sunderban is the largest delta in the world that provides natural habitat to the variety of plant species, tall grasses and thick mangrove forests.As you enter deep into the forests of Sunderban, the floral reserve unfolds its mystic charm and unmatched beauty. The various floral kinds which can be found in Sunderban Park, in its most abundance are:Flaming red leaves of the Genwa
Crab like red flowers of the Kankara
Yellow blooms of Khalis
The mangrove forest(Sundari trees)Tiger Reserve: The most famous attraction of Sunderban National Park is the royal Bengal Tigers. The park mainly consists of more than 400 species of tigers that are reserved in the Sunderban National Park which is the largest tiger reserve in India.Fauna: Sunderban National Park is a natural hub of the numerous varieties of wild animals such as wild cheetah, deer and rhesus monkeys. These wild animals are found in abundance in the Sunderban Park. Sunderban is also famous for its rich aqua fauna like fishes, red fiddler, crabs and hermit crabs.

Large number of crocodile and Ridley sea turtle also inhabits this area. They are often seen lazing in the mud banks of Sunderban delta. Varied types of dangerous reptiles like king cobra, rock python and water monitor are found in the marshy land of Sunderban.Bird Activities: Sunderban is the most sort out area to watch the enormous twittering birds all around the park. Various magnificent birds which add to the beauty of Sunderban’s are:Kingfisher
White-bellied Sea eagle